The NEW Book from Estella Windom-Swain!!

Why do we tell our little boys not to cry? They are crying on the inside. I wish someone could only see their insides!

"The Cry of Little Boys" is the real life story of a Son, a Brother, an Uncle who didn't live long enough to see his neices or nephews grow up.

It is also a story of triumph and survival. Though provoking and challenging is the desired message.

Book Reviews

Almost read it in one sitting early Sun morning! couldn't put it down Great read, must read!!! Congrats & thank you Stella. this is truly ur season!read more


"I got soooo involved that I forgot I was cooking. All I will say is WOW! This will not only bless little boys and men but parents and ANY adult that interacts with children! I feel like I knew him! You have exposed the devil and other young people will be free because of his life and your holy boldness! WOW! Fantastic job! I pray that God will strategically open divine doors for u to share this in schools and churches and shelters!!"read more

Hello Lady Once', just read your book and it was awesome. I pray that it is distributed in every church and school and everywhere our kids will be. Your book is one that is helpful and also painful for parents to read. The advice you gave has and still is always what I have taught my kids!! Don't trust everyone and to be open with me because I have their backs. That went for strangers, family and friends. God bless!

Stella, Stella, Stella, God is so good beautiful first Lady; Congratulations. I will be getting a copy.

"Stella, this book has blessed me and will be a blessing to many parents and the body of Christ I believe this will bring deliverance to many. Love you and thank you for allowing god to use you."

Good Read! I read mine as soon as I got it. This book made me think of so many boys that are still crying on the inside and don't know how to get out(trapped)!

Congradulations Stella ,not only Beautiful she's very intelligent,KUDOS AGAIN I HOPE TO PURCHASE THIS BOOK VERY SOON.

Stella, your book is excellent. It was a good read and a easy read. It kept my attention and I finished the book in 30 minutes, it is really good. Congratulations, when we look at ourselves, sometimes we think, that God can't use us, but you never know what He has in store for you. I remember some comments you made about yourself, being night and your sister being day, but God saw in you what you could not see in your self and He developed you into what He wanted you to be. Be blessed and continue to allow God to use you.

Hey Sis, I got my book yesterday and read it this morning....Wow! It is so real and informative! Thank you so much for sharing! I know reliving and writing it had to be hard But I'm glad you did because I know whoever reads it will be helped because it helped me! I am going to make sure I share the informations with as many people as possible. Bless you Woman Of God.....Love You!